Producing Unique and One-of-a-Kind Roof Designs

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Special Roofing Services

At CLISSET LLC and Dragon Armor Shingles we offer customized exterior and interior roofing services. Our services are proprietary, from design to production and installation.
  •        Dragon Armor Metal Shingles

    • Clisset Snow Stops
    • Windstrips®

What We Do

We provide unique and custom designed roofs, walls, interior finishes, kitchen and bath accents, wainscoting, ceilings, and more in any type of sheet metal product available from painted steel to copper. Our goal is to make any property stand out. The exclusive look, feel and function of Dragon Armor Custom Metal Shingles will make an unparalleled statement of beauty, quality, and permanence. Combined with the extensive knowledge and expertise of Clisset LLC, be assured that your home, building, or project will have a timeless value with a professional and personal touch!



Known nationally, Steve Clisset (owner of Clisset LLC) creates ingenious efficient roof and home designs and solutions to complex issues. Products are eco-friendly, mitigate excess waste, save energy, increase productivity and cost savings. Steve Clisset has been in the roofing industry for more than 45 years.

Using all types of materials, Steve creates custom solutions for roofing needs and specifications. Known to deliver excellent customer service, he is always willing to explain all aspects of the roofing or project process to contractors and clients. This is not only with our proprietary product Dragon Armor but with any type of roofing material you require for your project

Steve is also known as an expert in roofing repairs. He can solve different kinds of roofing issues, such as continual complex leak damage. Moreover, he has invented numerous products for the industry, with Dragon Armor Metal Shingles being one of his most notable proprietary products.

Propriety Products

Clisset’s inventiveness helps him create ingenious and efficient roof designs. Some of the many features of his roof products include the capacity to mitigate excess waste and create energy savings.

Steve has three (3) patents to his credit and has brought several products into the market, including:

Windstrips® - Staple reinforcing ribbon to keep roofs dry while in production. It has helped tarpaper stay on in adverse conditions—even in an F3 tornado!

Sidewinder Pneumatic Stapler Adapter - Makes installing Windstrips® more efficient.

Dragon's Teeth Snow Stops - Have been tested to withstand more than 1300lb pull strength.

Clisset has worked with every product in use today and has brought that experience and his passion for teaching to the Colorado Roofing Association as their original instructor and program developer. He also participated in the National Roofing Contractor Association’s first trainer and assessor educational event. He is now a certified trainer for this program.

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Our pricing structure is relative to job specifications, designs and needs. Dragon Armor projects are competitive with other metal Roofing products and accents (roofs, walls, interior finishes, etc.)   

How We Work With Clients

We will work with your specific project and design ideas and offer you an overall perspective and alternatives, as needed. We can also create installations to meet your aesthetic preferences, matching or updating the quality and style of your home or building.

Other Installation Services

Aside from roofing, we offer artistic installation services. 

We build water walls, sculptural elements, and much more. 

See a video of this fountiain on Facebook at Dragon Armor

Contact us today for more details.

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