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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please see, below, basic frequently asked questions. Contact Clisset LLC and Dragon Armor Shingles if you need more information or have further questions.

Why would I pick Dragon Armor over other roofing options?

It is an extremely versatile system!

1.​ It is beautiful! It has a unique and new style that works in traditional as well as modern designs. And it is tailored to fit your project exactly.
2. It can fit any surface and shape: flat, curved, cone, or dome.
3. Though originally designed as a roofing system, it can be used for exterior wall systems and accents as well as interiors including counter backsplashes, bath enclosures, and even artistic sculptural water elements.
4. It can be made from any sheet metal stock in any color standardly available: painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper.
5. You can mix and match different colors and sizes for unique designs.
6. Since it is tailored to fit the job specifically, there is minimal to no waste—another eco-friendly aspect.
7. We design, fabricate, and install this proprietary system minimizing possibilities for mistakes, cutting out extra costs. The lack of need to transport excess product is, again, helping the environment.
8. It uses hidden fasteners rather than exposed fasteners of panelized systems.
9. Since each shingle is independently secured from the others, it negates the issues of “oil canning” (wavy look when it is hot) that is inherently a problem with standing seem panelized systems.
10. Tiles are screwed on, minimizing the typical noise of roof installs.

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How does the price of Dragon Armor compare to other roofing options?

It’s competitive with other metal roofing products. In the long term, it is more affordable than asphalt-based products and often, the lack of waste in production leads to fair and reasonable pricing.

How long will a Dragon

Armor roof last?

Fabricated from painted steel, it outlasts traditional asphalt roofing systems 4 to 5 times. In copper you will never need to roof again. This makes it more affordable over its lifetime. It also an eco-friendly alternative to asphalt products.

What are my color options with a Dragon Armor roof?

Can solar be installed on a Dragon Armor roof?

Yes. We work with solar contractors to custom-design attachments to fit your solar system to properly install and flash mounting brackets.

How do needed repairs work on a Dragon Armor Roof or exterior finishes?

It is unlikely that repairs will be required. Once completed it is a lifetime roof. Contact us if repairs are needed.
If you are planning a remodel at some later date, let us know so we can pre-plan for your needs.

Is a certification provided for a Dragon Armor roof or any roofs or products that Clisset LLC installs? 

Dragon Armor and other products meet all required jurisdiction specifications and inspections. A completion certificate is provided.

Can Clisset LLC work with my architect or designer?

Absolutely! We collaborate with other creative individuals and companies to provide you with the finished result you desire.